"I am going to move forward, because going backwards is not an option and standing still is not enough".

Stacey Abrams

Course Overview

Whether you are on an individual journey or building organizational capacity, this introductory course offers #DEI vocabulary, skills and frameworks through action-based, human-centered learning experiences.

You will dive into the history of racial equity, learn diversity, equity, and inclusion competencies, explore intersectionality and inclusive behaviors, and strengthen your communication skills.

Time Commitment: 8-10 hours


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Full course drops on June 30th 2021.



"I have been an Exec for 27 years and I would place your presentation in the top 5 all time valuable and excellent programs.


Your content was extremely valuable and helpful – with practical application – and you are so clear and well spoken – it is so obvious that you are a topic matter expert – and that you truly care about helping people make a difference".

Rod Kauffman

BOMA Seattle & King County